Our Vision

Dedicated to the safety and success of those who work on our oceans.


Sedna Global is an independent maritime safety and risk specialist. We are a US incorporated company with a head office in Clearwater, Florida. We benefit from close relationships with commercial shipping, offshore operators, maritime authorities, USCG and US Government agencies through constant and consistent monitoring of risks and hazards to the global logistics and supply chain.

Our team is highly experienced in intelligence, data analytics, maritime threat & risk reduction, operating in complex environments and supporting clients to reduce the risk of harm to their people, assets and reputation.

Powerful data science and intelligence solutions for safely navigating our oceans.
Why Choose Us

The Digital Revolution

Sedna Global provides a more modern, cohesive, and robust approach to maritime risk. Across the global supply chain over 90% of goods are moved across our seas. Commercial shipping needs to be able to respond to threats effectively to maintain operational efficiency and keep the crew and vessel safe.