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VesselRisk is a data-driven, intelligence-led software platform for mariners that can be used by ship owners, charterers and fleet managers. VesselRisk delivers a real-time global risk intelligence perspective for vessels, fleets and assets in a concise dashboard format.

Key benefits include:

The platform enhances situational awareness supporting Company Security Officers (CSO) Superintendents and masters to improve visibility of hazards and risks in the area they are operating. Data is displayed, managed and monitored utilizing an interactive map that can track assets, their locations and threat profiles. System-generated and custom-built polygons provide visualization of “dynamic” high threat areas to identify multiple threat profiles and help assess proportionate mitigation measures.

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Designed to support the Company Security Officer (CSO) or Ship Master, helping them understand the threat profile to their vessels or assets. Delivered using our innovative and agile VesselRisk Platform,
VesselWatch is a service that provides an added level of assurance and peace of mind when operating vessels or assets within an area that may present a risk or threat that is higher than an organization’s risk tolerance. 

By providing an end-to-end fully monitored solution it enables a more comprehensive approach to risk by profiling multiple risk types that could impact the safety and security of the vessel and crew globally.

Once the vessel is underway, active monitoring brings added peace of mind. Our 24/7/365 Maritime Security Operations Centre provides an overwatch role comprising:

Global Maritime Intelligence

Risk Assessments

Route Analysis & Guidance

Hazards & Incidents

Vessel & Asset Monitoring

Cyber Port Risk Accreditation

Incident Response

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The monitoring, management and access control on a vessel is an integral part of the ship security plan. Visitor, contractor and guest details must be recorded accurately to ensure their safety and security while onboard and historical records are needed to monitor boarding and debarkation data.

By implementing a digital approach to visitor management VesselLog captures data from the identification presented by the visitor,
contractor or guest and auto populates the relevant information on the log.

For the CSO, auditing visitor logs becomes a much more simplified process. They can simply view any given vessel or asset and access
the live log or conduct and audit on visitors over a specified time period or vessel. In the event of an incident, the CSO and Master can
easily account for any visitor at the muster station.

Key benefits include: